You can create jobs, housing and social services here and abroad while earning a return on your investments.

How can I become involved in community investing?

It's simple.

You can start by using community development banks and credit unions for your basic banking needs. These institutions are committed to strengthening low-income communities across the country. Everything from checking and savings accounts, to CD's and IRAs, to mortgages and other loans, can be provided through a community bank or credit union.

You can look locally for a community development bank or credit union. If you can't find one nearby, it is easy to bank at a community development bank or credit union in another neighborhood or state using ATMs, mail, and online banking. You can start by using our resources section.

What are my community investing options?

Everyone can become a community investor. Whether you currently keep your money in savings and checking accounts, invest in mutual funds, or are a venture capitalist, there is a community investing option that is right for you.

Look for this logo to indicate that an institution has at least 1% of its assets invested in community investing and is a member of our honor roll.

Can I earn competitive returns through community investing?

There are many market-rate products available to investors through community investing banks and credit unions around the country. Click here to find an option.

Are community investments right for me?

Community investing is an option for nearly everyone. Please look at our model portfolios to see how you can get involved.