All investors - individual and institutional - can become involved in community investing. The Social Investment Forum encourages all investors to direct at least one percent of their investing into community investment. The allocation of one percent is simple, will have little impact on a portfolio's performance but will have tremendous impact for communities here and abroad. In fact, if all social investors shift one percent of their investment dollars into community investing, we could triple the amount of real dollars available to promote community development.

The Social Investment Forum also recommends that all financial professionals become prepared to help their clients achieve their community investing goals. Financial professionals who provide community investing options for their clients will attract loyal, high quality clients. Request a copy of the Social Investment Forum's Increasing Investment in Communities: A Community Investment Guide for Investment Professionals and Institutions or view online.

For professionals doing community investing or interested in the campaign, please fill out the community investing survey
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The Social Investment Forum is developing products and services that are designed to make it easier for financial professionals to channel money into community investments. This work includes making an investor-focused Web site that will provide information on available community investment products and detailed information for specific types of investors (mutual funds, institutional investors, separate account managers, etc). The new Web site will be launched in the Fall of 2004. Until then, we will post some of the resources we are working on below:

Market Rate Community Investment Products A list of community investing organizations that offer market rate products to investors