List current as of 6/30/03

The community investing organizations below define the product they are listed under as market rate, meaning the product pays a rate of return that is competitive with the prevailing interest rate in their sector and area1. These organizations are actively seeking deposits, which support affordable housing, small businesses, and social services like childcare and healthcare. Contact the organizations to find out the specifics about their products, current rates, and impact. Please contact us, if your organization offers one or more market rate products and does not appear on this list. Currently certificates of deposit at community development banks and credit unions are the only options listed, but we will add more products as the campaign progresses.

Certificates of Deposit at Community Development Banks:

Albina Community Bank*
Portland OR (503) 288-7292
Carver Federal Savings Bank* New York, NY (212) 876-4747
Carver State Bank* Savannah, GA (912) 233-9971
Central Bank of Kansas City* Kansas City, MO (816) 483-1210
City First Bank* Washington, DC (202) 332-5002
Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company* Nashville, TN (615) 327-9787
Community Capital Bank* Brooklyn, NY (718) 802-1212
Douglass Bancorp* Kansas City, KS (913) 321-7200
Eco-Depositssm at ShoreBank Pacific* Ilwaco, WA (888) 326-2265
First American International Bank* Brooklyn, NY (718) 871-8338
Legacy Bank* Milwaukee, WI (414) 343-6900
Louisville Community Development Bank* Louisville, KY (866) 273-8562
Mechanics & Farmers Bank* Durham, NC (919) 683-1521 ext.883
Mission Community Bank* San Luis Obispo, CA (805) 782-5012
Native American National Bank* Denver, CO (303) 988-2727
Neighborhood National Bank* San Diego, CA (619) 239-3360
One United Bank Boston, MA (877) 663-8648
St. Anthony Park Bank, Social Responsibility Fund
St. Paul, MN (651) 523-7800
Development Depositssm at ShoreBank* Chicago, IL (800) 669-7725 ext.5636
University Bank* St. Paul, MN (651) 265-5600
Wainwright Bank and Trust Company* Boston, MA (800) 444-2265


Certificates of Deposit at Community Development Credit Unions:
Extend market rates to non-members outside the geographic area they serve

College Station Community Federal Credit Union* College Station, AR (501) 490-0646
Dakotaland Federal Credit Union* Huron, SD (605) 352-2845
Homesteaders Federal Credit Union* New York, NY (212) 222-0328
Hope Community Credit Union* Jackson, MS (877) 214-4673
Quitman/Tri-County Federal Credit Union* Marks, MS (662) 326-4000
Santa Cruz Community Credit Union* Santa Cruz, CA (831) 425-7708
Self-Help Credit Union* Durham, NC (800) 966-7353
Shelby/Bolivar County Federal Credit Union* Shelby, MS (662) 398-7091
Vermont Development Credit Union* Burlington, VT (800) 865-8328 ext.123
Women's Southwest Federal Credit Union* Dallas, TX (214) 887-0700

Organizations that have a direct link to their Web site are Social Investment Forum members that participate in the Community Investing Campaign.

* These organizations are certified Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). Click here for more info

1 The Social Investment Forum is not responsible for the information on this page that was supplied by the organizations listed. If there is an error on this site, please contact us.