You answered “no,” that you do not have a CD, money market account, or IRA. CDs and money market accounts offer a good way to earn higher interest on money you put in the bank or credit union, and your deposits are insured up to $100,000 per account. You will need to maintain a minimum balance with money market accounts or generally need to keep money in a CD for a set period of time. IRAs are good ways to save for your retirement. All of these products can be opened at community development banks and credit unions, where you can save for your future while building a better future for communities. The Social Investment Forum Foundation and Co-op America encourage you to invest at least 1% of your assets in communities. Take a look at our resources section for a listing of community development credit unions and banks, plus contact information. Also, you can get our community investing guide, which can provide you with more information.

3. Do you invest, or were you thinking of, investing in mutual funds? Yes | No