You answered “yes,” that you currently have a CD, IRA, or money market account, or are considering these options. You can easily become a community investor. A number of community development banks and credit unions offer insured, competitive CD, money market and IRA products. If you currently have a CD or money market product through a bank or credit union, you have the option of either cashing out a money market or waiting for a CD to come term, at which point you can transfer the money to a similar product in a community development bank or credit. If you currently have an IRA you can transfer those assets into an IRA with a community development bank or credit union. Take a look at our resources section for a listing of community development credit unions and banks, plus contact information. Also, you can get our community investing guide, which can provide you with more information.

3. Do you invest, or were you thinking of, investing in mutual funds? Yes | No