You answered that you do not have a savings or checking account. Savings and checking accounts offer secure places to keep your money - your deposits are insured up to $100,000 per account. You can open a savings and/or checking account and become a community investor today. Opening an account at a community development institution can help you save for your future while creating a better future for communities in need. Checking and savings accounts at most community development banks and credit unions can accept direct deposits from your employer and often charge no fees for transactions at ATMs outside their own network. Check with the bank or credit union you are considering. The Social Investment Forum Foundation and Co-op America recommend that you invest at least 1% of your assets in communities. Check our resources section for options. Also, you can get our community investing guide, which can provide you with more information.

2. Do you have, or were you thinking of opening, a CD, money market account or IRA? Yes | No