Financial Advisers & Money Managers:

Financial planners are professionals who help clients identify their financial goals and understand their risk tolerances. They help clients formulate a long-term financial plan. Money managers typically invest portfolios for highnet-worth individuals and institutions. The advisers, planners, and money managers listed below have a special expertise in community investing and have reached the 1% in Community goal across their entire client base.

Access Capital Strategies, LLC, Cambridge, MA, (617)576-5858,

Celnicker, Edward, Madison, WI, (608)233-9661,

CRAFund Advisors, Inc., Weston, FL, (877)272-1977,

Cunningham, William, Minneapolis, MN, (612) 822-9605,

Dobkin, David, Berkeley, CA, (510)549-8275,

First Affirmative Financial Network, Colorado Springs, CO, (800)422-7284,

Freund, Ron, Evanston, IL, (800)776-7972,

Garvan, Greg, Ithaca, NY, (877)644-8042,

Heartland Financial USA, Inc., Dubuque, IA, (866)397-2133;

Herbert, Bruce, Seattle, WA, (206)522-1944,

Jacobs, Linda, Berkeley, CA, (510)549-8777,

Kleven, Karen, Kensington, CA, (510)528-5824,

Leenson, Eric, Concord, CA, (800)701-4713,

Lent, Michael, New York, NY, (800)659-8189,

Leonard, Kathy, Boulder, CO, (800)877-5760,

Loring, Wolcott, & Coolidge, New York, NY, (617)523-6531,

Loving, Andy, Louisville, KY, (800)290-1816,

Lowell, Blake, & Associates, Boston, MA, (617)422-0064,

McClain, Laurie, Eugene, OR, (800)386-1908,

Medley, B.J., Tulsa, OK, (918)560-0171,

Moore, Joyce, Macungie, PA, (610)966-6127,

Packer, Eric, Wellesley, MA, (800)327-7003,

Peck, Christopher, Sebastopol, CA, (707)758-0171,

Prentiss Smith and Company, Inc., W. Brattleboro, VT, (800)223-7851,

Principle Profits, Inc., Amherst, MA, (800)972-3289,

Progressive Asset Management, Concord, CA, (800)786-2998,

Progressive Investment Management, Portland, OR, (877)211-0034,

Seid, Judith, La Mesa, CA, (619)698-4330,

Siegel, Stephen, Baltimore, MD, (800)600-0686,

Smith, Eric A.,CFP, Seattle, WA, (800)878-2344,

The Social Equity Group, Berkeley, CA, (800)743-9742,

Talboom, Kathleen, Indian Rocks Beach, FL, (800)456-6625,

Torgerson, Richard, Randallstown, MD, (410)655-9588,

Trillium Asset Management Corporation, Boston, MA, (617)423-6655,

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