International Funds:

These community development loan funds focus on providing capital to low-income people around the world.

ACCION International, Somerville, MA, (617)492-7080,

Deutsche Bank Microcredit Development Fund, New York, NY, (212)250-0548,

E+Co, Bloomfield, NJ, (973)680-9100,

Fonkoze USA, New York, NY, (212)682-1850 ext.219,

Nicaraguan Credit Alternatives Fund, Madison, WI, (608)257-7230,

Oikocredit USA, Washington, DC, (202)265-0607,

Opportunity International, Oak Brook, IL, (630)645-4100,
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Reinvest in South Africa (RISA) Business Finance, Philadelphia, PA, (888)301-7472,
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Sarona Global Investment Fund, Lancaster, PA, (877)772-7662,
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Shared Interest, New York, NY, (212)337-8547,
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SOSTENICA, West Chester, PA, (610)399-5228,
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Women’s World Banking, New York, NY, (212)768-8513,

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